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Experienced, aggressive and effective Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney and family law attorney dedicated to defending your rights and your liberty through a scientific and client centered approach.

        Please allow me the opportunity to introduce myself and the Fort Lauderdale criminal defense law firm of Quinn Law, P.A.    My name is Antonio D. Quinn, Esq. and I am a private Ft. Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer and a former Broward County assistant public defender who understands that good people can find themselves on the wrong side of the law for any number of reasons.  Quinn Law, P.A. represents adults and juveniles who have been charged, arrested or are being investigated for committing a crime in Broward  or Palm Beach counties.  The vast majority of the cases which my firm handles are from those two counties and this has allowed for me to develop an excellent working relationship with many of the local judges and prosecutors. 

     I pride myself in taking a hands on approach with regard to all aspects of my criminal defense practice and in achieving successful results for the clients of Quinn Law, P.A.  I handle my own phone calls and communicate frequently with the clients of the firm.  I individually spend a great deal of time working on each client's case.    I am a devoted student of the law who is constantly working to stay abreast of the newest changes in the field of criminal defense.   Every possible opportunity to win a dismissal of the charge is thoroughly explored for each and every one of my firm's clients. 

     If you or a loved one are being charged with or investigated for committing a crime it is essential that you take an aggressive approach to your criminal case and this always must start with retaining the services of an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney as soon as is possible. As an attorney who has worked both as a private attorney and an assistant public defender, I believe that all people who are accused of crimes deserve the highest quality criminal defense possible and to have their Constitutional rights protected.    I am an aggressive criminal defense attorney who typically utilizes whatever means are legally possible and permissible to get my clients' charges reduced or dismissed altogether.  Every client is my most important client which means that every case which Quinn Law, P.A. accepts receives as much attention as is required to achieve a successful outcome no matter what that entails. 

    This website is intended to provide information about the type of criminal representation which Quinn Law, P.A. provides as well as to inform about the legal process and what you should expect from a criminal defense attorney.  If after reviewing the information contained here, you feel that the analytical and individualized approach to criminal defense that Quinn Law provides is a good fit for your particular case then please contact my Fort Lauderdale criminal defense law firm to set an appointment to have your case evaluated and discuss your options moving forward.


Quinn Law, P.A. represents adults and juveniles who are accused of all classes of misdemeanors and felonies including:

  • Theft Crimes:  Grand Theft, Petit Theft, Shoplifting, Burglary, Larceny, Robbery, Dealing in Stolen Property, Motor Vehicle Theft, Money Laundering, Fraud, Worthless Check
  • DUI: Drunk Driving, DUI Manslaughter, Commercial DUI, DUI with an Accident, DUI with an Injury, Felony DUI

  • Drug Offenses: Possession of Cannabis, Felony Drug Possession, Trafficking, Intent to Sell, Manufacturing or Cultivation, Prescription Drug crime

  • Violent Crimes: Arson, Assault, Battery, Aggravated Battery, Carjacking, Domestic Violence, Firearm and Weapons offenses
  • Sex Crimes: Child Pornography, Indecent Exposure, Lewd and Lascivious Molestation, Sexual Battery, Statutory Rape

  • Domestic Violence:  Domestic Battery, Domestic Assault, Domestic Battery by Strangulation, Violation of a Domestic Violence Injuntion. 

          Unlike some offices,Quinn Law, P.A. maintains a manageable caseload which maximizes the attention which each individual case receives.  Substantial individual time and attention is spent researching and investigating the unique issues that each case presents.  No two cases are exactly the same and Quinn Law, P.A. implements a comprehensive defense strategy tailored uniquely to the issues which each client presents.  Many private attorneys and assistant public defenders are forced to take on enormous caseloads which no attorney could competently handle.  Consequently, you may find that your attorney is more interested in getting you to take a plea than in providing you with the rigorous criminal defense which your case deserves. 

        I only counsel my clients to consider a plea deal once all other avenues of relief have been exhausted.  Whether or not you choose to take your case to trial will always be your decision.

     If you have been arrested it is important to retain representation as soon as is possible. Do not wait until your court date is approaching to contact an attorney.  A skilled criminal defense attorney may be able to get your charges reduced or dismissed before they are filed but in order for this to happen, you must act swiftly. 

    Antonio D. Quinn, Esq.                         



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